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Social media ads

Paid ads

Just like with other media channels, when creating Social Media campaigns we Focus on maximizing your KPIs. We carefully analyze your previous campaign, your business model, other marketing actions that you already do and plan dedicated social media strategy that is consistent with your brand book. We usually need around 1 month to optimize the campaigns and deliver promised results. Our sole goal is to scale your business to maximum while maintaining ROAS that is profitable.

Managing social media profiles

We believe that Social Media campaigns are firmly connected with organic actions at your fanpages on FB, Instagram, TikTok or Linkedin (of course the choice of social media Is extremely connected with the product/offer you are selling & the target group of your business). We can help you with running your organic social media by following some simple but extremely important rules of social media presence – its a full packaged that comes together with creative design. Therefore both paid and organic social media advertising help each other to fulfill your business goals.

Which social media is right for me?

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