At Web2Business we use Adform DSP for campaign execution. Thanks to our partnerships with publishers, we are able to show your ads on ad slots that are not available to most advertisers. If you want to run an effective reach campaign which will maximize your brand exposure, Web2Business will deliver.

How does it work?

First impression

We reach a target user desktop device with a Video ad on a publishers main page.

First retargeting

We retarget their device with a Display creative which reminds them about the offer.

Cross-device impression

In order to diversify the brand exposure we use a cross-device technology and reach the same user on his mobile device and display for them an interactive, rich media ad commonly known as a 3D Box.
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Landing page visit

User visits the website and spends a few minutes considering your business offer. To make sure that they are an engaged user, we also track the percentage of the website they scrolled.


We retarget those engaged users for the next 7 days with dedicated Bottom of The Funnel creatives which focus on conversion – if they visit your website during that time, we most probably will have a lead or sale!
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