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Graphic design is not just pictures and drawings that fit your offer. It’s an art of communication that aims to capture users attention. Without frequent testing and learning from mistakes you wont be able to find the unique design – layout and set of characteristics that “speak” to your target group and sells your product or offer.
Who creates the ads? It can be either your graphic designer or ours – it doesn’t really matter. What matters is close communication between both parties which allows our media buyers and designers to come up with new ad sets every week.
Graphic design

Set an angle

We need to have an angle. Simply showing your brand logo and telling the customer to buy from you won’t work. Together with you or your team we establish sales, special offers as well as selling points of your product or its launch. We can go even further and create special creatives for individual users at different stages of the sales process.


If you’d like us to make the creatives, we will need your brand book and available assets. We then come up with a few versions for A/B testing.
Graphic design
Graphic design

Learning phase

Each week we make an effort to find out why certain ads are selling better than others. This phase is done during our weekly calls so that everyone stays up to date.

Stay fresh

Repeat, repeat and repeat – everything changes and perfection must be continuously strived for. For example, we can’t use the same creatives for Black Friday two years in a row because the audience, trends and plenty of other factors will have changed. We can base our initial designs on best performing ads from last year, but they still need to be updated.
Graphic Design

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