Google Ads

Search Ads

Google Ads is one the most important channels in digital marketing. When looking for a product or service users always turn to Google search. It’s extremely important to appear for the right queries with appealing text ads. Thanks to years of experience working with e-commerce stores and worldwide known brands, we can create profitable Google search ads. During this time we have created certain strategies for campaign optimization that will boost your brand sales and leads – we can guarantee that.

Shopping Ads

Together with search ads, we offer shopping advertising. If you already run your ads with product feed, we will help you to scale and optimize you shopping campaigns. If you are fresh with that topic, we will help you set up everything from setting up a Google Merchant Center account to creating an effective product feed that will make your ads show more frequently and steal your competitors ad slots.
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Display and video

Google Display Ads

In our opinion Google Display Network, works best for retargeting campaigns to specific, engaged users that are likely to convert. However, we always test few campaign settings that allow you to pay only for predifned conversions. We know that display advertising in Google environment is very often not profitable – our job is to make sure, your money is well spent, therefore, If they won’t work, we will recommend testing Programmatic Display and Video Ads.

YouTube Ads

Similarly to Display Ads, YouTube (Video) advertising is very often seen as not profitable. However, in Web-2-Business we learned certain strategies that might help your business thrive in YouTube environment. In order to do so, we use external apps and platforms that help us reach YouTube users with your offer at the right time they are looking for closely related content! Furthermore, we know that on YouTube, video (advertisement) itself is as important as the strategy and placements. We can help you to create engaging video ad that will follow important rules of capturing user attention. Just hit that “contact us” button and set up a call with one of the owners!

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